Folktales, legends

Man this reef

A translated autobiography of a storyteller.
159 pages, Gerald Knight, Micronitor Press, Marshall Islands, 1992.


Bwebwenaaton Etto

– A collection of Marshallese Legends and Traditions –
a compilation of stories and legends, which have appeared scattered in a variety of publications and for the first time, have now been published into a book. The major themes of the stories cover the topics of creation, the origin of islands and places, social customs, animal tales, oral history, and stories of the famous Marshallese trickster “Letao”. 188 pages, Jane Dawning, Dirk H.R. Spennemann, and Margaret Bennett. RMI Historic Preservation Office, 1992.

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From the mouth of the monster eel

Introduces 6 stories from Micronesia (Marshalls, Guam, Yap), with appropriate reading level for children (7-8th grade). 53 pages with some illustrations in black and white, Bo Flood, Fulcrum Publishing, 1996.

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Inon in Majel

-Marshallese Folktales-
is a collective work on old Marshallese folktales and oral histories, which have not been published in a book form. Also, this book was written in both English and Marshallese language in one book for the first time. 134pages, Terry Mote, Donna K. Stone, Kinuko Kowata and Bernice Joash. Alele Museum, 1999.

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Books about the Marshall Islands

Jemoot in Eonod - Traditional Fishing Methods of the Marshall Islands
Jemoot in Eonod

Traditional Fishing Methods of the Marshall Islands.
By Donna K. Stone
Part of the Traditional Lifeways English Series published in 2001/02 by the Alele Museum, this book describes some of the methods and tools traditionally used by the Marshallese people. 16 pages, Neil M. Levy, 4th edition, 1997



Marshallese - English DictionaryMarshallese – English Dictionnary

Abo, Bender, Capelle, deBrum



Book - Nuclear Past Unclear Future - Giff JohnsonBook - Nuclear Past Unclear Future - Giff Johnson - back cover
Nuclear Past, Unclear Future

Giff Johnson
Relate part the the Nuclear legacy history of the Marshall Islands. Micronitor Press, 2009. 48 pages.



Marshall Islands guidebook

contains a black and white photographs, short articles about the islands,
a fold-out map, telephone directory and a local business advertisements.
100 pages with illustrations & pictures, Micronitor Press, 1997.

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