Reading for kids

children at the library

children's readingA couple of times a week, volunteers come to the library and read stories to any children who show up on that day.

If you wish to volunteer to read to the children , please contact the librarian. We welcome anyone who can read English or Marshallese.

Children of all age – in general from 5 to 12 year old – attend the reading session and are a enthusiastic and captive audience.

Alele Public Library

At the Library

Our library is the only public library in the country, and is used by all age groups. Most of our general collection are books which have been donated by various people through the years, so there is a large variety of reading materials available. library

We also have a room dedicated to children’s books. The books are new and relevant, and interesting to the children. Daily about 20-30 children use this room to read and look at the books.
A couple of times a week, volunteers come to the library and read stories to any children who show up on that day.


The library also has a room dedicated to the Pacific region, which contains a large collection of various types of documents and books related to the Marshall Islands and other areas of the Pacific region. Researchers often times use these materials extensively when they are doing onsite research about the Micronesian islands.

Library – How to

Open Hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 4:30pm, closed 12pm to 1pm

The Alele Public Library is located on the second floor of the Alele building.

We have a wide range of books available for borrowing and a reference collection which is for use only within the library.

How to use the Library

children chosing a book

You need a Borrower Card, valid for 1 year

  • Adults (over 18) and Students of the College of the Marshall Islands : $2.5.

You can arrange to renew the book you borrowed at the library or by telephone for an additional 14-day period provided the book is not in demand.

Overdue charge is 5 cents a day in any kind of materials signed out.

Any lost or damaged items will be charged for at the discretion of the Librarian.

The Pacific Collection

The library maintains the Pacific Collection room – a range of published and unpublished material specific to the Marshall Islands and Oceania, which is available for researchers, for on-site reading only. This collection is not available for borrowing.

Pacific room - selection Pacific room - selection

Books for Sale

Alele carries a range of books for sale. Subject materials is specific to the Marshall Islands and the region.


The library offers photocopy service, with discounted price for members.