Alele Team

Here is the wonderful staff which makes Alele possible.

Wisse Amram- Executive Director

Wisse Amram graduated in 1981 from Lassen Community College in the U.S with an AA degree. She joined the RMI Government workforce since 1982 as a Radio Announcer II, in March 1985 worked as a News Program Producer and also commercial Director since May 1985. Later, she work as a Program & Advertisement officer since June 02,1991. In April 05,1992 she worked as a Program & Public Officer, in Nov 05, 2000 worked as a Administrative Officer II, and in March 21,2004 worked as a Program and News information Officer, in January 07, 2007 worked as a Director (WTMIC) and in December 01, 2010 worked as a Counterpart. After that, in Nov 02, 2014 to May 13 2014 she move to council of Iroij worked as a Clerk. Currently, she joined the Alele Team in May of 2021 as a Executive Director.

Carol Curtis- Museum Manager

Carol has lived for almost 30 years in the Marshall Islands, including several years in the outer island villages. She has years of experience at Alele, and has served in the past as the Curator, Grants Manager, Photographic Specialist and Researcher. At present she oversees the museum, gives tours of the museum to visitors and students, and is in charge of the displays and exhibits.

Langinbo Frank – Media Specialist/Archivist

Langinbo has worked for years at Alele videotaping various traditional activities such as dancing, singing, food preparation, oral histories and literature, contemporary events, Manit (culture day), and other important activities. He also has been involved with producing the Alele weekly radio program, and in the past the Alele weekly television program. At present Langinbo is developing a cataloging system for the over 600 VCRS that have been produced by Alele in the past, and which will in the near future be put into digital format, making them accessible and available to be used in many different ways.

Bonitha Bilimon-Accountant
Solynn Bajo- Asst. Archivist

Ms. Bajo is the Asst. Archivist. She has been with the Alele since in April 2018. She graduated from College of the Marshall Islands with the AA degree in Liberal Art.  Ms. Bajo, work under IMLS grant do the the Jokim Debrum project. Such as digitizing and Archiving the Jokim Debrum Documents. 

Walter Jinanin- Information Technician

Mr. Jinanin is the Information Technician. He has been with the Alele since in July 2019. During his tuner, he graduated from College of the Marshall Islands, (CMI). After graduated from CMI he worked as a IT for the TSL enterprises. Later he work with JO-Jikum as a Earth Champion. Lastly, work as a Admin Assistant for the RMI Environmental Protection Authority, (EPA).

Mr. Jinanin earn a AA degree in Liberal Art from College of the Marshall Islands, (CMI).

Lola Schutz- Library Director
Tarlos Larron- Library Asst. Technology

Mr. Larron started working at Alele since 2014 as a computer Trainee. currently, since 2019 he worked as a Library Asst Technology. 

Roxene Karben- Librarian



Roger Jack- Maintenance/Janitor


Paul Credit- Security Guard


Junior Minor- Security Guard