Alele Team

“Alele” is a Marshallese traditional basket, a soft-sided plaited bag made from pandanus leaf, which use to hold one’s family’s most valuable possessions in Marshallese custom. The eldest woman of the family keeps the basket and it passes on to the next eldest female down the line. Alele Museum, Library and Archives were named after this alele basket, which is a symbol of our valuables, knowledge in the Marshall Islands.

Here is the wonderful staff which makes Alele possible.

Melvin Majmeto – Executive Director

Melvin Majmeto joined Alele as Executive Director for Alele Museum, Public Library and Archives in spring 2016. He attended primary and secondary schools in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, then furthered his education in the U.S. states of Hawaii and Utah. He started his career in the Insurances, before moving to the Financial sector. Later on, Melvin was elected as Mayor for Wotho Atoll Local Government, where he served the people for two terms. Prior to joining Alele, he was the Director of Health, Education and Social Affairs (HESA) for the Majuro Atoll Local Government. Back in his high school years, two of his favorite courses were History and Geography. He is a very dedicated person and look forward to develop Alele’s programs.

Carol Curtis – Museum Manager

Carol has lived for almost 30 years in the Marshall Islands, including several years in the outer island villages. She has years of experience at Alele, and has served in the past as the Curator, Grants Manager, Photographic Specialist and Researcher. At present she oversees the museum, gives tours of the museum to visitors and students, and is in charge of the displays and exhibits.

Langinbo Frank – Media Specialist

Langinbo has worked for years at Alele videotaping various traditional activities such as dancing, singing, food preparation, oral histories and literature, contemporary events, Manit (culture day), and other important activities. He also has been involved with producing the Alele weekly radio program, and in the past the Alele weekly television program. At present Langinbo is developing a cataloging system for the over 600 VCRS that have been produced by Alele in the past, and which will in the near future be put into digital format, making them accessible and available to be used in many different ways.

Tallur Domnick – Chief of Maintenance

Tallur has worked at Alele for years, and is responsible for overseeing all maintenance needs at Alele.   He has training in various fields such as carpentry, plumbing, and electrical repair, so he is an important resource to all of us at Alele.